Kiteboarding Hong Kong

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Kiteboard HK - Kite, Surfing, WakeBoard, Snowboard, X game

X game, Wakeboard, Snowboard, Kite, Surfing 其實 Kiteboarding 係咩?

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其實 Kiteboarding 係咩? 單從字面睇都明, 風箏加滑浪。原理同 Wakeboard / Snowboard 類似, 不過快艇變成充氣風箏 , 唔再局限水平面上拖行, 充氣風箏可以 180 度不同方位拉動玩者, 速度隨時可以超過 70km/h! 樂趣及挑戰性更大。

香港 Kite surfing 普及程度遠不及 Wakeboard / Snowboard, 主要原因係較受地埋同天氣局限。 地點要揀個水退後又大又平沙灘。 我們 自設中心,打個電話預約時間, 就可以直接沙灘玩。唔好以為好難玩, 女仔學 8 至 10 小時一樣好易上手。

Kite surfing as one of the X game, fastest and most recent growing extreme water sport in the world is becoming safer due to improvements in kite design, safety release systems and training. Kite surfing methods are being constantly enhanced and so with the gear and equipment which are developed continuously seeing that this sport continues to gain popularity. There are a variety of reasons why people go kite surfing. Wind surfing, Wakeboard, Snowboard, Surfing and Kite flying all rolled into one. It like doing various kinds of outdoor x game activities at one time!

有 線 電 視

我們志力推廣 Kite surfing 這項運動, 並廣受關注, 如想進一步了解請觀看以下由我們與有線電視合力制作短片 : 

 玩 Kiteboarding 有幾型 

睇睇就知啦 ! 超cool !

Kiteboard 好難學 ?

Kiteboarding 好難學嗎 ?  睇睇片就知到啦 !

Jumping 有幾遠 

Kiteboarding 跳有幾遠 ?  我都唔知到啦 !

外國有幾 Heat

Kiteboarding 在外國早就超越好多其它水上運動啦 !


各地熱門風箏地點, 如果初學者或第一次到那地點玩, 見意你分析地型及平詁自己能力。見意使用 Earth 功能

Below World Wide Kite Surfing Location, Is for your reference only, Please analysis terrain and your ability.
Suggest using Earth Function

Baginner初學者 Beginner      Intermediate中級 Intermediate    Expert高手 Expert


Welcome to submit your Kite Surfing , Wakeboard, Snowboard X game location map@kiteboarding


KiteBoarding FAQ

玩 KiteBoard 需要很強的雙臂來拉風箏嗎?

玩 Kiteboard 不需強有力的雙臂,因為玩這個運動有腰帶來負荷風箏的拉力,雙手主要負責控制方向,但是這運動的活動量很大,適當鍛鍊體力有必要喔。